Using Google Data Studio To Understand Your Customer

Using Google Data Studio To Understand Your Customer

Using Google Data Studio To Understand Your Customer

As Product Managers, our main job is to have such a deep understanding of the customer that we can identify their problems and prioritize them in to deliver maximum value to the customer. Many organizations that I’ve worked with and PMs that I’ve spoken to will usually agree that they are constrained by resources to be able to do this. Although nothing beats getting out of the building and talking to customers, leveraging Google’s big data will take you one step closer in the right direction.

What Is Data Studio?

The folks over at Google just released their Data Studio Tool, which allows users to visualize data that’s stored in Google. Data visualization means that you can take huge complex sets of data and create easy to view dashboards for yourself or others. You can pull data from the following sources:

Adwords API
Attribution 360
Google Analytics
Google Sheets
YouTube Analytics

Is your inner nerd getting excited yet? I’m very excited as we currently use DOMO, which is another visualization tool, but to get the information into Domo, there’s a minor level of technical expertise that’s needed. Also, you have to have a good data source to begin with. With Data Studio, we can now pull in all Google Analytics Data in through their API, meaning no coding required for all of your data from Google Analytics. An added bonus is that it can visualize anything from Google Sheets, so you can create custom spreadsheets and have them visualized in pretty charts like the ones below:

google data studio

Leveraging Data Studio To Learn Customer Demographics

Most of the charts displayed above are simple variations on methods to display google analytics data. The power behind this tool is the ability to customize down to the transnational values. I created a simple dashboard that leverages Google’s DoubleClick cookie and other tracking resources. It’s no news that  most of the internet is signed into Google as they browse the internet. This allows Google to capture some key datapoints on demographics that most big data solutions cannot. Now you have the ability to tap into this super power!

Google Data Studio Demographic Examples

Setup Your Own Data Studio

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your Google account
  3. Click on the + button on the bottom right

    google data studio instructions

    Click on the + button on the bottom right

  4. Name your report and click add new data source
    google data studio instructions 2
  5. Name your data source and select the Google Analytics account you’d like to pull the data from.
  6. Select Google analytics and the view that you would like then click connect.
    google data studio instructions 4
  7. Select and add a chart
    add chart data studio
  8. Change the dimension of the chart
    choose new dimension data studio

Deciphering Data Studio Demographics

Cool graph bro? Now that we have these pretty graphs, what can we do with them? You can choose multiple demographic dimensions and track them via any GA metric that you need. For example, you can see how males and females comprise of sessions or revenue by filtering the dimensions down to the appropriate ones. Now you know how to setup the charts, go forth and fulfill the needs of your inner data nerd!


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