Topics Roadmap

I decided a few weeks ago to start blogging more consistently. Inspired by Julie Zhuo’s medium post about how writing consistently has positively benefited her life and career, I aspire to do the same. As I’m a PM and roadmaps are how I organize my thoughts, below is a living roadmap of the topics I will be writing about. I’ll link to each article that I write below. As requests change, I’ll update the roadmap as necessary. Don’t see a topic you’d like me to write about? Shoot me an email.
The goals of  this roadmap are to (in prioritized order):
  1. Share how to succeed as a PM
  2. Share tips, tricks, and hacks for the steps to grow products

Mental Models – The PM’s Sword and Shield

Research – Discovery and Innovation

Choosing The Users You Can Best Serve 
Start With The Users’ Needs
Get Intimate With Your Users via Personas
Why Industry Trends Matter
Why Your Competitor Analysis Sucks and How To Do It Better
Comparable Products vs. New Product Innovations
On Strategy
Define Your Core Product Strategy
Should You SWOT Your Product?
The Lifecycle Of Your Industry Affects Your Go To Market Plan
Brainstorm Your Way To New Opportunities
Product Roadmap – Do It Right
Align Your Cross-Functional Team Goals Or Fail

New Product Planning

The Curse Of Opportunities – Prioritizing Is Key
Define The Opportunity
What Is Your Product’s Value Proposition?
Positioning Your Product Against Your Competitors
Rapid Prototypes – Why Pixel Perfect Doesn’t Matter
  • Prototyping Methods
Do You Need A Business Case? On Getting Organizational Buy-In
Forecasts Are The Measurement Of PM Accuracy
PRDs Are Dead! Why User Stories Are Better
Prepare Launch Plan
What’s Your Products Marketing Mix?
You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Mesure – Defining Baseline Metrics
Make vs. Buy – When Building In-House Doesn’t Make Sense
Time To Design: UI vs UX

New Product Introduction

Managing The Software Development Lifecycle
The Iron Triangle – Scope and Trade-Offs
The Importance of Project Management Skills
When Should Legal Be Involved?
Build Ecosystems Not One Offs
Time To Execute – Why Operations Matters
Product Manager – The Conductor
Learning Your Optimal Product Marketing Channels
Product Marketing Publicity
The Role Of Sales In The Product Lifecycle
The Role Of Customer Service In The Product Lifecycle
3-2-1 Launch! Crickets Chirpping And What To Do
Analysis Framework For Improving The Product
  • Build
  • Test
  • P/M Fit

Post Product Launch

Post-Launch Audits – Hold Your Team Accountable
Monitor The Voice Of The Customer
Leverage Cross-Functional Team
Reassess Industry Movement
Reevaluate Competitor Actions
Conduct Win-Loss Studies
Evaluate Metrics and KPis
Analyze Product Profit & Loss
Refine Value Based Pricing
Improve Promotional Programs
Gauge Channel Performance
Rationalize Portfolios
Discontinue Products
  • Iterate
  • Pivoting